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Paving paths for one home at a time in the heart of a Redmond, Washington. A start up family owned business with 15+ years of experience in the industry. Expanding to the Pacific North West by planting plots everyday to grow a beautiful rare community.

Our Company Values

We typically work on durable pavements for courtyards, patios, walkways and driveways, pool decks and any other outdoor living surface. As a company we specialize in retaining walls. We use dysfunctional sloped terrains to build a new and better living space.

About Our Services

Architecture structured to support and improve softscape surfaces for your outdoor living.



Tending to landscapes to obtain a beautiful and healthy, rare setting.

Hardscape Services

Maintenance Services

- Debris Clean Up

- Pressure Wash

- Mow/Fertilize/Edge Lawns

- Trimming/Pruning

- Plant/Flower Treatment

- Beauty Bark

- Installments

- Paving

- Retaining Walls

- Fences

- Patios/Decks

- Low Voltage Lighting

- Courtyards

- Syntactic Grass/Turf

- Water Features

- Walkways/Driveways



Developing outdoor living by creating an appealing appearance for homes and/or private properties to reflect owners values.

Extension to companies and/or vendors to attract their audience by incorporating beneficial landscape aesthetics with rare installations on premises.

Open Inquiries

Our company is open to requests requiring our labor to do minimal tasks to enlighten your outdoor living experience. Our team is made up of knowledgeable and experienced gardeners qualified to provide other exceptional outdoor services

Other Services

Tasks that may require labor to enrich your outdoor living:

- Rooof Cleaning

- Seasonal Lighting

- Tree Removal

- Concrete

We are based in Redmond, and commute to you. Currently we service in the locations listed:

- Woodinville

- Duvall

- Bellevue

- Kirkland

- Mercer Island

- Great Seattle Area

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